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  • Get a single CouchDB user and database in seconds.
  • Keep your app code on your own server.
  • Free working example apps and boilerplate code to get you started.

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It's Easy to Get Started

After you fill out the form to create your CouchDB user and database go grab our "Todo app" and put it on your web server. Then open it up in your web browser.

You can also download our "Blog" app. It's a fast and easy way to get a beautiful blog up in just minutes.

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Everything you need to get your App up and running fast...

Demo Apps

Get our free demo apps and modify them to suit your needs.

2 Apps (more to come)
Example Code

Grab example code to frame up your own functions in a snap.

1 Template (more to come)

Links to all the code libraries and APIs used in our demo apps and example code

8 APIs

Free Apps

These apps are free to use and you're welcome to modify them all you want.

All our apps use PouchDB, PouchDB Authentication, jQuery, and Bootstrap

Each app has all the code and resources included.

The apps are self contained in a directory that's compressed in a ".zip" file.

To use the apps upload the zip file to your server, uncompress it, and point your web browser to the app directory.

We'll be adding apps as we get them ready. If you have any problems with them please let us know.


  • Todo App

    The Todo app uses PouchDB, PouchDB Authentication, jQuery, jQueryUI, and Bootstrap

    It's a great app to get started with because it demonstrates both authentication and CRUD, plus it adds a little jQuery sugar to demonstrate "drag and drop" so you can put your "Todos" in the order you want them listed, and it uses the CouchDB/PouchDB "Live Sync" features so you can use the app on more than one device and keep your entire team up to date.

    It's highly commented and very easy to read and follow the code to see how everything works.

    Download Todo app


  • Azartiz Blog App

    The Blog app is easy to get up and running.

    It comes with the TinyMCE text editor to create your blog posts and includes a search engine and perl scripts to upload photos and let users comment on your posts.

    There's a "ReadMe" file included that has easy to follow instructions on what you need to configure.

    Download Blog app

Premium Apps

These apps are ready to use and you're welcome to modify them all you want.

You get all the code and resources.

The apps come in a ".zip" file that extracts to a folder that includes everything needed to run them.

Just upload the zip file to your server, uncompress it, and point your web browser to the app folder (directory).

Downloads coming soon. Pricing to be announced...

  • Cherry PC Business App Suite

    The Cherry PC suite of apps for businesses use all of the APIs listed below.

    Check out the Demo


This is code is free to use.


Libraries and APIs we use in our Demo Apps.